Scoobys Hot Dogs was established in 1985. Mr. Scooby opened up his first store at the age of 17. Originally called Scoobys Red Hots because of the type of dog he used. Vienna then came into the picture and offered a custom Scooby dog. After the decision of taste Mr. Scooby wanted to go bigger! The 7 inch Scooby hot dog was born. While most still use the traditional 5 1/2 inch dog and frozen fries; Scooby keeps it big and simple. Fresh cut fries, Foot long Polish smothered in grilled onions & let's not forget the 44oz Scooby cup with free refills for life! Also with one of the oldest next to Coke our Green River. 15 stores later Mr. Scooby retired at the age of 35; but the Hot Dog Man couldn't stay away for long. He prides himself in working hard and giving back to the community. For over 20 years he has donated his food & services with out hesitation. Scooby's is more than a hot dog stand, it's an experience you'll never forget. So stop by the Scooby headquarters on 1020 E. North Ave in West Chicago, IL. Open 7 days a week, and bring your 44oz free refill cup! We'll fill it up for you!